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Bit 360 As Seen On TV Screwdriver with 6 Common Bits

The Bit 360 is a unique screwdriver that stores up to 6 bits inside a specially designed chamber. This chamber makes it easy to switch out screwdriver bits quickly.

With this amazing screwdriver you will also get 6 of the most common screw bits. Having the most used bits handy right inside your screwdriver certainly can save you a lot of time. It can also make that project seem much easier.

The Bit 360 is the perfect screwdriver to have in every home. It is also a great gift for your favorite handyman

Bit 360 is the screwdriver that changes your bits swiftly and also effortlessly with just a quick a spin! Merely pull to remove the current screwdriver bit, twist to choose another bit, and next simple push down to pack a new bit.

There are a number common bits. The slotted bit is known as the original bit and possibly one of the most usual. This is the original screw drive. You locate these anywhere, though the method of using screws with slotted drives is on the decline considering that the screwdriver unclothes the fit, specifically when you are using hefty torque to truly tighten up down (or loosen, for that issue) these types of screws.

Another very common bit is the phillips head. This screw drive kind is preferred as well as once more, you locate them in a very wide range of applications. Typical sizes are Phillips # 1, # 2 as well as # 3. The most common Phillips size is # 2.

BIT 360 is the only screwdriver you'll ever require because of its unique rotating chamber holds as well as exchanges six usual screwdriver bits, or ones you already possess. BIT 360 is simple to utilize, just get rid of the bit, spin to transform the bit, and press to load a brand-new bit. There disappears shedding, going down, or losing bits, maintain them done in as soon as place with BIT 360.

Consistently use the ideal screw driver for the screw head you are working on.

Bit 360 degree is the cordless screwdriver that changes lots of size bits very quickly and easily with a n simple spin of the hand! Simply pull to remove the bit, twist to alter the bit, as well as push to pack a totally new bit. The only screwdriver you'll ever require! Order this incredible screwdriver today.

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