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Fitness and exercise products advertised at this online As Seen On TV Store.


21 Day Fix 21 Day Fix Weight Loss System
The 21 Day Fix by Beachbody is a simple to follow weight loss system. The 21 Day Fix is both a program that provides simple eating with 30 minute fitness programs.
Abdoer Twist
Millions of people from around the world experienced the original Abdoer abs chair, but now it's time for a quantum leap forward-- the Abdoer Twist.
Ab Flyer Ab Flyer
The ab flyer takes abdominal training to the next level. The abflyer works abs from the bottom up with this abs work out machine. Ab Flyer Glider - Abdominal Workout Machine.
Ab Rocket Ab Rocket
The Ab Rocket works your lower, upper and middle abs. In just 5 minutes a day, the AbRocket will rocket your abs from flab to fab!
Ab Wedge Ab Wedge
With the ab wedge get those 6 pack abs. The abwedge pillow exerciser can boost metabolism and help to reduce stress.
AirClimber AirClimber
Now get cardio, weight loss and tighter abs and core while you step on air with Brenda Dygraf's new Air Climber System.
Bender Ball Bender Ball
The Bender ball uses the bender core method. Want to tone your tummy fast then try the bender ball system. Sculpt and define your abs.
Max Trainer Bowflex Max Trainer
Introducing the Bowflex Max Trainer. It is tough on calories but easy on joints. Get a quick 14 minute workout using the unique Max interval exercise machine.
Chalean Extreme Fitness Chalean Extreme Cardio Workout
The Chalene Extreme program with fitness trainer Chalene Johnson from Beachbody will help you to burn up to 60% of your body fat!
Core Rhythms - As Seen On TV Core Rhythms
Core Rhythms offers revolutionary weight loss exercise programs that use sexy Latin dance moves that raise your heart rate and tone and tighten your entire core at the same time.
Core Sculptor Core Sculptor
Core sculptor the home fitness machine that sculpts your body from the inside out. Slim from within with the core sculptor.
The Firm Express 30 Day Firm Express 30 Day
The Firm Express 30 day! Get Thin in 30. It's the Firm's quickest, most effective weight loss plan yet. And all it takes is three 20-minute workouts a week!
Flex Abs Belt Flex Belt
The Flex Belt Abdominal Toning Belt is truly an awesome advance in technology. This device is by far the most effective of its kind. It makes it so that anyone can exercise their abs anywhere and anytime.
Focus T25 Infomercial Product Focus T25
Focus T 25 is your opportunity to get in shape with Shaun T. You will certainly learn how to develop your own delicious meal programs, discover effective ways to stay on track, and incorporate each day your exercise routine.
Insanity Shaun T Insanity Shaun T Total Body Workout
Shaun T Insanity Workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your MAX. Transform your body in 60 days with the most intense workout ever.
Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Jillian Michaels 90 Day Body Revolution
With the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution you can transform your body in just 90 days. Get in the best shape of your life with Jillian Michaels America's toughest trainer. Jillian Michaels we have all seen her pushing and encouraging people to get fit on The Biggest Loser.
JumpSnap JumpSnap
JumpSnap the ropeless jump rope. With jump snap you can skip, and not trip, with this amazing ropeless jump rope! Burn 100 calories every 5 minutes! It's convenient, portable & easy to use.
Kettlenetics Kettlebell Kettlenetics - Kettlebell
Kettlenetics Slim & Tone™ System is the revolutionary new fitness craze sweeping the country. Kettlenetics incorporates a user-friendly kBell that's swung through a 360-degree movement avoiding any awkward, heavy weight motions.
Leg Magic Leg Magic
Leg Magic is the
ultimate gliding machine. Shape your legs while having fun. Glide to a slimmer new you with Leg Magic using one simple motion. Innovative lateral gliding motion for 60 seconds several times a day is all it takes.
Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates Mari Winsor Pilates
The Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates is a body-slimming work out for everyone regardless of age, size, and level of fitness. It lifts, firms, sculpts and burns for a slim and sexy like Malibu Body!
Melt It Off Melt It Off
The 3 day melt it off program. With melt it off you can lose pounds, inches and size. Melt it off was created by U.S. Olympic Gold Medal gymnast Mitch Gaylord.
Perfect Situp Perfect Situp
The perfect sit up targets your upper and lower abs, something a traditional crunch cannot do the Perfect SitUp combines optimal positioning.
Push Fitness Plan Push
Push is a full body personal training system that gets delivered monthly to your door on DVD. Push Yourself into Great Shape! Train with Bob Harper from “The Biggest Loser”.
PushUp Pro Push Up Pro
Do a perfect push up with pushup pro. The pushup pro can give you an ultimate upper body work out. The push pro is great for all fitness levels.
Red Exerciser XL Red Exerciser XL
When seated on The Red Exerciser you simply use the power of core rotation and resistance to tone your abdominal and oblique muscles.
Richard Simmons Project Hope helps you to transform your body in 90 days with very effective workouts. Included in the program is the foodmover that tracks your portions and calories.
Shapely Secerts Shapely Secrets
Shapely Secrets is a 7 minute exercise program created by Greer Childers that will firm and shape your body fast. learn Greer's seven secrets to being thin and shapely.
Slim Away Slim Away
The slim away belt helps to you to slim down and trim your abs. The slim away helps you to look slimmer and trimmer instantly. It works for everyone from size 220 up to size 50.
Slim In 6 Slim in 6
Slim in 6 will literally reshape your body in 6 short weeks. Debbie's exclusive Slim Training technique, which combines fat-burning cardio with light resistance moves to help you slim and sculpt your body.
Thigh Glider Thigh Glider
Glide those trouble areas away with the Thigh Glider. Your thighs, buns, and hips will never look better! The Thigh Glider utilizes the latest technologies to combine maximum efficiency, ease of use, and outstanding results.
Tota Gyms Total Gym
Total Gym has a smooth, gliding motion that is easy on the joints. It can be adjusted to various height levels to accommodated every fitness level.
Urban Rebounder Urban Rebounder - Rebounding
Urban Rebounding System a fun way to exercise on a small trampoline. Bounce your way to feeling healthy on the Urban Rebounder.



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