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Want to find that As Seen On TV Product fast? Did you watch a commercial or infomercial and thought the product would be helpful? Chance are we did too and added it to our store.

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Aero Knife Aero Knife
The Aero Knife is a uniquely design knife that is razor sharp, light weight and food never sticks to it.
Big City Slider Station - Mini Hamburgers Big City Slider
Billy Mays Big City Slider Station As Seen On TV. Make delicious restaurant style mini hamburgers in your kitchen. Big City Slider Station is the mini burger sensation that's sweeping the nation.
Blueberry Giant Blueberry Giant
With the blueberry giant you can grown your very own fresh, juicy blueberries in your own home. Each little giant blueberry plant produces up to 4 pints a day!
Bona Mop Bona Mop
With the bona mop just spray and clean your floors. The bona mop can bring out the best in your hardwood floors and other floor surfaces.
Chef Basket - As Seen On TV Chef Basket
The chef basket kitchen strainer. The Chef Basket stores flat and expands to a flexible basket that lets you cook, boil or deep fry foods quickly and easily.
Eggies Eggie
Eggies the no fuss, no mess system for cooking hard boiled eggs. Enjoy eating hard boiled eggs without peeling shells. Hard boilded eggs without the shell!
Grab Bag Grab Bag
The Grab Bag is the perfect bag to take with you when you going shopping. It is reusable and the Grab Bag clips on to the shopping cart.
GT Xpress 101 GT Xpress 101
The GT Xpress 101 is a electric countertop grill that cooks food fast. With the GT Xpress101 you can cook a whole meal. Cathy Mitchell promotes the gt xpress 101 on television.
Gyro Bowl Gyro Bowl
Gyro bowl is the perfect snack bowl for all ages. The gyro bowl spins and spins and stuff stays in. Kid proof bowl stays open side up no matter what!
HealthMaster Blender HealthMaster
The healthmaster is a fruit and vegetable emulsifier. The healthmaster is more than just a blender it is living well appliance.
The Magic Tap Magic Tap Drink Dispenser
Magic Tap the spill proof automatic drink dispenser.
No more drips or spills with the Magic Tap handy drink dispenser.
Anytime Grill The Minden Anytime Indoor Grill lets you cook barbecued tasting foods inside. The Minden Range Top Grill endorsed by Cathy Mitchell is the ultimate indoor grilling tool.
Miracle Blade 4 Knives Miracle Blade WC4
Miracle Blade World Class 4 is  a 13-piece knife set that includes everything you need to make your time in the kitchen more efficient. Chop vegetables for stir fry, filet fish for dinner, slice cheese and fruit for party platters... and more!
Mr Lid - As Seen On TV Mr. Lid Plastic Containers
Mr. Lid is the container with an attached lid. Keep your foods sealed and never lose the cover to the container again.
Nuwave Induction Cooktop PIC Nuwave Induction PIC Cooktop
The Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop is portable and can cook food up to 50% faster than conventional gas or electric stovetops.
Nuwave Oven - As Seen On TV Nuwave Oven
The NuWave Oven Pro combines the cooking power of conduction, convection and infrared to cook meals up to 50% faster. The Nuwave Oven Removes Up To 250% More Fat drippings.
One Touch Jar Opener One Touch Jar Opener
One touch jar opener opens any jar easily. Just touch and go with the one touch jar opener.
Orgreenic Orgreenic Cookware
Orgreenic is the non stick cookware with ceramic coating, As Seen On TV. Go green in your kitchen and get healthy with OrGreenic Kitchenware.
PackIt Cooler PackIt
With PackIt and it's revolutionary cooking technology you can say goodbye to ice gel packs that usually last for only 2 hours. Moms are raving about the Packit Lunch Bag because it stays cold for up to 10 hours!
Pancake Puff Pancake Puff
With the revolutionary Pancake Puffs Pan you can make delicious homemade puffs anytime. Just pour, flip and fill – it’s that easy! Make an endless variety of puffs to jazz up your meals.
Pasta Boat Pasta Boat
As Seen On TV Pasta Boat - Cooking Pasta Noodles Fast & Easy. Pasta Boat - Microwave Cooking Pasta Noodles Fast & Easy Cook, Strain & Serve Perfect Pasta Using Just Your Microwave! You can cook, drain, serve and store meals, all in one pot.
Pasta N More Pasta N More
Pasta N More cook, drain and serve all in one. The amazing new 5 and 1 pasta cooker. Cathy Mitchell's infomercial product pasta n more.
perfect pie cutter Perfect Pie Cutter
The Perfect Pie Cutter gives you perfect pie slices every time. Cut pie with the tool restaurants use.
Perfect Tortilla Perfect Tortilla
The Perfect Tortilla makes it easy to create delicious corn tortilla bowls. Making the perfect tortillas is as easy as 1,2,3. First place the tortilla in the non-stick dishwasher safe pan.
Salad Chef Salad Chef
The Salad Chef Maker help you to make great salads fast and easy. Make incredible salads and so much more with the Salad Chef as seen on tv.
Samurai Pro Sharpener Samurai Pro Sharpener
The Samurai Pro can sharpen your knives like new in just seconds. Celebrity Professional Chef Robert Irvine requires sharp knives and he endorses the Samurai Pro.
Slap Chop Slap Chop
With Slap Chop, you can Dice, Chop & Mince in Seconds! Chop fruits, vegetables, nuts and more with one slap. With every slap the finer the food gets. It’s so easy you can even do it with one finger.
Slice O Matic - As Seen On TV Slice-O-Matic
The Slice O Matic is great for both vegetables and fruits. Also works on cheeses and other foods like eggs and ham. You can slice thick or thin. The slice o matic will be your new favorite gadget in the kitchen.
Smart Spin Smart Spin
The Smart Spin Storage System has containers that fit on a carousel. Just slide, spin, and store Smart Spin organizer As Seen On TV.
Stone Wave Stone Wave
Cook food fast when using the Stone Wave cookware for the microwave.  Cook gourmet food evenly using the Stone Wave.
Stufz Stufz Hamburger Press
Stufz helps to make burgers better. Stuff your burger with the Stufz press and enjoy a hamburger infused with flavor.
Tastiwave TastiWave
TastiWave cookware has changed the landscape of home cooking forever! Now you can make homemade meals right in your microwave.
Yoshiblade Yoshiblade
The yoshiblade is a professional quality ceramic slicing knife. The yoshiblade knife will rarely, if at all, ever need sharpening. YoshiBlade - The Last Knife You Will Ever Need.
Zorbeez Zorbeez
Zorbeez uses super absorbent technology that absorbs up to 27 times greater than paper towels or cotton cloth.





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