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Kettleworx Slim and Tone System

With kettleworx you can get firm legs, lean abs and toned arms. The kettlebell hand held gym 6 weeks of a work out system is totally unique, dance-inspired exercise program that swings, slims and sculpts your entire body strong and slender, with easy, flowing moves set to incredible, upbeat music, for fast and fun, total body slimming!

Kettleworx Slim and Tone System

Kettleworx Slim & Tone™ System - The Most-Effective Hand-Held Gym

In the KettleWorx 6-Week Body Transformation, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Kettlebell Specialist Ryan Shanahan will guide you week by week through 18 unique workouts it's like having your own personal trainer, but in the convenience and privacy of your own residence. And in four short weeks, the changes to your body will amaze you.

KettleWorx is a breakthrough program that gives you the most important elements of fitness - Cardio, Core, and Resistance - ALL simultaneously and ALL in short 20-minute workouts. It works so well because your body becomes the final fitness machine, moving in five dimensions, like nature intended. You are toning every muscle, getting RESISTANCE and CORE and CARDIO and you are transforming your body in Four Short Weeks.

Kettlenetics is recommended for everyone who desires a combination of whole body resistance training with cardio that burns fat twice as fast as traditional exercise programs. It's no wonder that celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and Katherine Heigel use Kettleball training to stay fit and maintain the strong physique they desire.

Kettleworx KBell Hand Held Gym

The kettlenetics Slim & Tone workout is built around a new, user-friendly kBell that is swung through 360-degree movements for “full circle” body toning and around-the-clock fat burning.

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