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Pushup Pro Perfect Push-ups

Do a perfect push up with pushup pro. The pushup pro can give you an ultimate upper body work out. The push pro is great for all fitness levels.

PushUp Pro
The push up pro is the ultimate upper body workout! Have you seen the push up pro commercial? What a great way to do those pushups!

The Ultimate Push Up Handles

Push Up Pro

PushUp Pro The Ultimate Upper Body Work out.

Put a new twist on push ups with the Pushup Pro. Push Up Pro's rotating grips allow arms and shoulders to move naturally. More muscles are targeted more effectively while reducing strain on wrists and joints when using Push Up Pro.

Get Ripped, Get Lean and Get Your Hard Body, Pushup Pro

Push Up Pro-Start Getting Ripped in As Little As 10 Workouts!

Get Big Guns with Perfect Pushup. As Seen on TV

Pushup Pro Maximize Your Workout!

Used by the Navy SEAL's - the Toughest & Strongest Men in the World!

Push Up Pro Strengthens and tones your chest, shoulders, arms, back and abs... fast! Push Up Pro provides the ultimate upper body workout! Pushup Pro is portable and works on any floor surface - great for home, office and travel.

Push Up Pro Features:

The ultimate upper body workout
Rotating pushup grips
Great for all fitness levels
Strengthens & Tones
Portable & Lightweight

Helps perform proper push-ups
Encourages proper posture
Rotating hand grips reduces strain on your wrists and arms
Works more muscles in the arms, back, shoulders and chest
Protects rotator cuff muscles

PushUp Pro is a must for anyone who is serious about getting in shape. Jack Zatorski, the world record holder for pushups recommends the Push up Pro. Whether you're 8 or 80, beginner, advanced, or an expert at doing pushups, the Pushup Pro is for you. It works mores muscles and can reduce strain on joints. It's great for all fitness levels.

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