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Vince Offer and Slap Chop

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Slap Chop

With slap chop you can chop, mince and dice in seconds. Vince Offer is promoting another great product on tv the slap chop.

With Slap Chop,™ you can Dice, Chop & Mince in Seconds! Chop fruits, vegetables, nuts and more with one slap. With every slap the finer the food gets. It’s so easy you can even do it with one finger.

Slap Chop and Vince

Slap Chop Benefits
• Pops open like a butterfly to clean
• Dishwasher safe
• You never need to switch blades

Get the Slap Chop™ and as a special bonus, you'll also receive the Graty for cheese. The Slap Chop™ is a manual chopper machine that works when you slap the handle. With every slap, the 3 blades below trigger to chop and cut the food.

Slap Chop™ As Seen on TV

The more you slap the Slap Chop™, the finer the food gets. Chop up any vegetable for a healthy salad in seconds. The Slap Chop™ is great for onions and even garlic so your fingers don't smell and it saves time.

Chops up vegetables, nuts and fruits quickly
Dice, chop and mince in seconds
With every slap, the finer the food gets
Prepare meals in half the time with Slap Chop
Slap Chop makes clean up a breeze
Save time in the kitchen with Slap Chop
Get graty cheese grater as special bonus
Slap your troubles always with Slap Chop
The more you slap the finer food gets
As seen on tv food chopper
As seen on tv food dicer
Make meals quick, one chop at a time

Slap Chop™

The Slap Chop's™ base opens up to expose the blades for easy cleaning. The Graty for cheese comes with 2 blades, fine and coarse. Place any kind of cheese in the container, turn and press the black top twister and the cheese comes right out for omelettes, salads and pasta. It comes with a black cover to seal the cheese so it stays fresh in the refrigerator. Take it out whenever you need a little or a lot of cheese. The Slap Chop™ and the Graty for cheese both come with a 10 year warranty and are both dishwasher safe.

Slap Chop™ - Dice, Chop & Mince in Seconds!
Transform a bunch of vegetables to a delicious salad in seconds! The Slap Chop is a manual chopper machine that chops when you slap the handle. With every slap the Slap Chop’s three blades chop and dice. The more you slap, the finer the food. The Slap Chop is great for onions and even garlic. And its companion item Graty is great for preparing cheese for use in salads, omelettes or pasta.

Slap Chop Infomercial Product

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