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As Seen On TV Products Garden and Tools Infomercial Category

Make yard work easier with some of these as seen on tv products beloww. Do you have a home project you are working on? Check out the as seen on tools below.

Bit 360 Screwdriver Bit 360 Screwdriver
The Bit 360 is a unique screwdriver that stores up to 6 bits inside a specially designed chamber. This chamber makes it easy to switch out screwdriver bits quickly.

Easy Reach Easy Reach Pulley System
Easy reach is the ultimate pulley system for your hanging plants. Raise your plants up and down easily with the easy reach system.

Fix-It Scratch Remover Fix It
Fix-It is the fastest scratch remover that safely removes scratches, dings and nicks from your car's finish quickly and easily. The scratch has met its match with Fix It.

Flex Seal Flex Seal
Flex seal liquid rubber spray seals out water and lasts for many years. Stop leaks fast the easy way with flex seal. It has been advertised on television.

Flex Shot Flex Shot
Flex Shot is the extremely easy way to bond, seal and caulk. Flex Shot delivers a thick, perfect stream every time.
Grassology Grass Seed Grassology
Grassology is the amazing grass seed everyone is talking about. Grow thicker, fuller and greener lawn in just 60 days!

Gripgo - As Seen On TV Gripgo
Gripgo is a hands free mount for your car. You can use with any phone! Place the Gripgo hands free of mount anywhere on the dash board or windshield.

Easy View HD HD Easy View
The HD Easy Visor is a flip down sun and anti-glare visor. It is perfect to use anytime of the day when you are driving.

Hydro Mousse - As Seen On TV Hydro Mousse
Hydro Mousse let's you go from seed to sod much like professional landscapers! Eco-friendly Spray N Stay technology allows for the seeds to land where you spray.

Magic Mesh Magic Mesh Instant Screen
The magic mesh screen door cover works on most standard size single doors. Keep bugs out and fresh air in with the. magic mesh screen.

Mighty Blaster  

Mighty Blaster is the only nozzle you'll ever need considering that it is the first ever home use sprayer with the power and also accuracy of a real fire fighter's nozzle.


Olde Brooklyn Lantern Olde Brooklyn Lantern
The Olde Brooklyn Lantern is perfect for power outages, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. If the power goes out with this lantern will you won't be left in the dark.

Riddex Power Plus Riddex Power Plus
Riddex power plus get rid of pests without killing them. Rid your home of rodents and roaches in a safe, non-chemical way with riddex power plus.

Roll N Grow - As Seen On TV Roll N Grow
Roll N Grow - Watch Your Harden Come to Life. Just Roll, Water and Grow! It's that easy! Rollout and water... Amazing Results! The roll out mat contains over 2,000 premium seeds.

Tomato Giant Tomato Giant
Tomato giant tomato trees can grow to an amazing 8 feet or taller. Get supersized tomatoes.
The Giant Tomato Tree can grow a new crop of farm fresh tomatoes every week. The tree can produce non-stop all season long!

Total Trimmer Total Trimmer
The total trimmer is a cordless 6 in 1 garden and landscape machine. The total trimmer is the ultimate garden and landscape machine. Total Trimmer As Seen On TV Offer Portable Cordless Landscaping Tool.


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